About Charlie Wan

For a big part of my career, I have been working in the world of fashion and beauty traveling between the backstages of fashion weeks to film shoots in the streets of New York City. After losing my father to cancer in 2016, I decided to dedicate every ounce of my energy to serve others. I have become a certified life coach.

I have spent over three decades to proactively understand about life. Throughout my own vision quest, I have collected a lot of life lessons and insights that are more useful and practical than others. I kept asking myself this question if I could find a balance between entrepreneurship and spirituality, between functional coaching and new-age-woo-woo messages?

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein

I have this obsession to systematically simplifying the most elusive questions on the clarity of life. I have created a pragmatic soul-searching system to help founders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries in refining their new level of mission and purpose.

Are you feeling burned out with your purpose? Are you in need a whole new perspective and clarity on your next endeavor and initiative? Perhaps I can help you.

Let’s unravel your true calling!

Charlie Wan
Mission Coach/Creative Director