Mantra Manifest is a new form of experiential coaching focuses on defining and visualizing your personal life mantra (slogan). It merges the best of vision coaching with a sound meditation ritual.

Man·tra / noun
. a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation
. a statement or slogan repeated frequently

The word mantra originally was coming from Hindu. But in our modern day’s adaptation, it’s loosely used as meaning such as “intention”, “principle”. Every company has a mantra: Nike’s “Just do it”; Apple’s “Think Different”; Adidas’ “Impossible is Nothing” etc. This mantra guides the entire company’s attitude, principle, and the way of life. But when I ask people what is their mantra or life principle, it often draws a blank. Mantra Manifest is developed to help you to create and deepen your own personal life principle. You create your own statement as a result of mental clarity through vision coaching.

There are three parts to this assembly:

Part 1: Defining Mantra
. To create, define or revise your life princple

Part 2: Visualizing Mantra
. Mental visualization of this principle through self-hypnosis and sound meditation

Part 3: Declaring Mantra
. To make a pledge of full embodiment of your own life principle and to live a powerful way of life

This experience focuses on tangible goal and outcome. The sound and music are specifically created to navigate participants’ emotional responses which Charlie’s sound is known for. Charlie’s signature cinematic and futuristic ritualistic sound serves as a powerful heart-opening gateway for this very unique way of experiential coaching journey. The music is imagined as the soundtrack for the transformation scenes in superheroes’ movies when they accept and rise up to their full powers in the darkest time. We might not wear a cape or fly at the speed of sound, but the courage of walking our own hero’s journeys are not too far from these super characters.

My mantra is “Be a blessing to Somebody”. Everything that I do right now is all stemmed out of that statement since I have clearly defined it. Mantra doesn’t have to be new age woo woo in this context. It’s the guiding principle shapes every step and the many decisions I make. What could be your mantra? What is this one statement that you embody as your way of life? Just like The Dude from The Big Lebowski once said: “It really tied the room together.” I look forward to exploring this with you.