Mission Coaching

Being a founder/entrepreneur is no easy task. You once had the vision to serve the world with your products or services. But the journey seems to be confronted with unrelenting obstacles. There are a lot of pressures from people around you…your business partners, employees, friends, and family. Your ego is bruised. You feel stuck and alone. Worst of all, your family is losing patience with your dream and ambition. You are in urgent need of seeking some clarity in life aka “I need to get my shit together quick”! Does this sound like you?

I am just like you. I was at a crossroad of my life after I lost my father to cancer in 2016. With life long careers as a multi-disciplinary creative director in New York City, I have become a certified life coach. This pivots my focus from background in beauty and fashion industries to deep diving into the quest of what does truly matters in our lives. Mission Coaching is my years of collecting, curating and creating the most effective exercises to help me to stay focus on my path. It’s all starting with my own need for self-coaching but now it’s increasing demanded by many for such clarity.

Mission Coaching is a single one-on-one private session. I noticed after coaching many founders is that when you have a vivid clarity in your purpose and mission, many things in life begin to fall into their right places. Since the mission is the active form of purpose, I believe defining your mission is the single most important understanding in life. This coaching call will be conducted over the Zoom video call with screen sharing. This is specifically suitable for founders and entrepreneurs who need clarity to define and refine directions, concepts, ideas, and most importantly their missions and purposes. The duration is between 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs.

The session will go through a series of exercises:
. to understand your characteristic strength so that you can full speed in expanding of what you are good at and stop wasting time in things that you are not good at
. to get more clear on the bird’s eye view of your purpose
. to understand the distinction between the biggest quest in life what is a purpose and calling
. to define and refine your mission
. to well define who you are serving

The outcome of this session is ultimately all stemmed from you. It’s your own insights, vulnerability, mindset, and inner resourcefulness to yield the best outcome. I am your co-pilot to co-create your new vision but you are the one take us to the destination.

The session is conducted over the Zoom.
Fee: $1200
Duration: 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs