In the winter of 2015, after years of frustratedly dabbling electronic music on my laptop, I unexpectedly discovered my unknown meditative and contemplative sound when I tried writing from the heart. Who knew that is the key to my longtime struggle with music making? It was a day that I was planning to give up on music for good but the pandora box was unexpectedly opened like a sci-fi fairytale movie. But how can I write all this music when I barely know how to play the piano or any instruments. Any 5-year old talented kid would absolutely put me in shame. With my limited knowledge of 7 chords on the white keys, I composed most of my music in A minor/C major. I don’t know how to play but I know how to program the music note by note, phrase by phrase. That’s it! Some composers are the masters in string instruments. Some are the masters in keys. I choose to master in sequencing. The computer is my instrument. Music is my true love. Among all the mediums and my disciplines, it is the one that I can express freely and deeply from my every cell. Anything is possible if you can outsmart your flaws. Don’t let your limitation to restrict your true imagination and hidden talents. Find your way! Trust your heart and the world will follow!

I have a dream. I have a dream that my music accompanies the time of your deep reflection and self-transformation. At the first ray of sunrise, I hope my sound can elevate your spirit. In your darkest hours, I hope my music can bring you light.

Let there be light and there will be light.